Pay Per Call Advertising

Focus your ad spend only on qualified callers with a Pay Per Call advertising program.

Focus your ad budget like a laser by spending it only on qualified calls.

It’s possible, by using Pay Per Call advertising from Ad Management Inc. Pay Per Call advertising in print directories and online campaigns is the smart way to optimize your budget. Because with Pay Per Call you’re only charged for qualified calls from customers who are ready to buy. That means you can increase sales and improve ROI, and Ad Management Inc. are experts to get you started quickly.

In today’s economy you can’t afford to waste money – and that’s what’s most exciting about Pay Per Call solutions from Ad Management. It works or you don’t pay!

Pay Per Call advertising is a great strategy for . . .
•retail and service businesses who want to build up a local clientele,
multi-location businesses with call centers engaging in high volume or high value business categories.

Your Pay Per Call advertising campaign . . .
•optimizes your marketing budget,
captures valuable information on your callers, and
provides total accountability for every dollar you spend.