Top Ten Reasons To Use Text Message Marketing

There are numerous reasons why text messaging for small and medium sized businesses makes practical and economic sense.

Here are the Top Ten reasons why text message marketing will help to skyrocket your revenue:

1. Text Messages Drive Traffic and Create Loyalty.

A well-written text marketing promotion generates much higher redemption rates than traditional marketing choices like newspaper ads , radio or direct mail. It is common to have response rates of 10-40% depending on the campaign and audience.

2. Texts Messages Get Read -Immediately.

Your message gets read by 95% of recipients within 90 seconds of being sent. Email open rates average 90 minutes.

3. Text are Not Spam!

Your customers must opt-in and decide to continue receiving text messages from you. Research shows that 74% of consumers want to receive text messages from companies they trust and do business with.

4. Text Messages go Directly to Your Customer.

Nearly 91% of Americans have their phone with them 24/7. And the number of mobile phone subscribers is growing at a phenomenal rate. Your text message to their phone get your customers attention.

Can you say the same about a newspaper or TV ad? Or, do you know whether your customer is listening to your ad on the radio at that exact time your spot airs?

5. Talk to your Customers in Real Time.

Text message marketing is done quickly. Having a slow day at the cash register? Send out a text and watch your loyal customers come through the door. Messaging can be done in a matter of minutes. Traditional media takes days and weeks to implement.
And it’s Flexible too! You can run multiple promotions to keep your customers coming back for more:

  • Mobile points and reward programs
  • Mobile engagement solutions for brand interactivity
  • News and offers
  • Mobile VIP-clubs: Exclusive content
  • Sweepstakes
  • Customer surveys
  • Location-based services

6. You Have a Captive Audience.

Customers receiving your weekly text offers have chosen to receive them. It is not a “shot in the dark’ as traditional advertising is to people who will never visit your business. Text message marketing leads to higher redemption and higher return on investment for you.

7. Text Marketing is Cost Effective and Trackable.

The cost for mobile marketing is very affordable. The amount of money saved includes that which you would pay for printing, mailing, office staff, etc.
Text Marketing is one of the few media channels where you can actually track it’s effectiveness. You know if it works and if it is profitable for you.

8. Create a Powerful Database.

People are given the option to opt-in to a mobile marketing campaign. By opting-in these potential customers are not only showing interest in your current promotion, you now have a database of potential customers for future promotions.

9. Cutting Edge.

Customers appreciate companies that are innovative and offer something new and different. It is a great way to separate you from the competition.

10. Two Way Communication.

Customers have the ability to text back messages commenting on your offer or service. This powerful two-way communication creates a real conversation, in real time that does not exist in any other media.